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1.    Seafood. GraceWorks "Alaska on a Platter" dinner every Tuesday night during the Summer.  Sea Galley, 40th & “C” street.  Fresh Alaskan seafood and steak.  Lots of room for groups.  Average quality.  563-3520.  Simon and Seaforts is probably best in town for seafood but  pricey ( see #7 Upscale). 

F Street Station.  On F Street between 3rd ave and 4th avenue.  More of a bar than a restaurant, but has some of the best seafood in town.  $10.50 for fried halibut and soup or homemade fries.  Jerry Posey says it is the best fried halibut he has ever had. Better than mine?  Not going to be group-friendly.  Only six tables and also stools at the bar.  

Momma O's.  This small seafood diner has been around for 35 years -- very Alaskan. Only about 30 seats and only one cook -- so will be slow with groups.  Eat on paper plates but the food is fresh and hot.  Best deal is to get a seafood platter and split between two people -- plenty of food! 2636 Spenard Road.  

2.    Best Steak. Cattle Company.  Scott’s favorite steak place – not too expensive. Love the ribeye and loaded baked potato.  562-2844 Corner of Tudor and “C”. Try the mud pie dessert.  Can often get  coupons to Cattle Company in Sunday newspaper.  However, nobody else seems to agree with me on Cattle Company. :-)   So you can also try Outback, Texas Roadhouse, or the pricey Sullivan's.  

3.    Best Pizza. Moose’s Tooth. Most famous pizza in town. Loud and crowded. Expect to wait. No reservations accepted. Don’t miss the root beer.  3300 Old Seward Hwy   258-2537. According to TripAdvisor, Moose's Tooth is ranked third Best in the Nation.  

4.    Best Chinese.  China Lights Buffet. Giant selection.  Plenty of room for groups. Food is very fresh and tasty. Will be about $20/pp. 9220 Old Seward Hwy. 
 Panda Restaurant.  At one time was the top rated in Anchorage. Still tasty but not the best in town. Medium price. Don't come with more than a dozen people. 605 E. Northern Lights Blvd, 272-3308

5.    Best Alaskan Hamburger.  Arctic Roadrunner.  5300 Old Seward Hwy. 561-1245. Old fashioned fries,burgers, shakes, walls covered with Alaska memorabilia. Has atmosphere.  Reasonable.  Red Robin also does great burgers. I personally think the best hamburger in town is Pancho Villas, a Mexican restaurant.  Go figure....

6.    Chicken.  Lucky Wishbone. 1033 E. Fifth Ave.  272-3454.  This place has been in Anchorage forever. Maybe the oldest in town.  No Groups here! Golden Corral has good chicken too. "No mama, we're not in the South."  

7.    Upscale. Glacier BrewHouse.  737 W. Fifth Ave. 274-2739. One of Scott & Connie’s favorite date places when they have the budget.  Pizza/seafood/other.  Evening reservations suggested.  Fun to cruise the nearby shops before or after dinner.

 Simon and Seaforts.  Perhaps the best eating place in town!  Reservations required and ask for a window table – the view of Cook Inlet is spectacular!  Large groups should avoid. Will set your wallet back.   420 "L" Street, Phone:907-274-3502

8.    Best Breakfast. Two good options:  Snow City Café.  Reputed to be the best breakfast in Anchorage. No reservations.  Get there at 7.00 am if you don't want a long wait. However, it is worth the wait.  Trip Advisor ranks it #4 of 744 restaurants in Anchorage.  Try the Kodiak Benedict: poached eggs, Alaska King Crab cakes, and homemade hollandaise.  Obama ate here on his 2015 visit.   1034 W. Fourth Ave. 272-2489.

Red Chair Café.  Easy walking from hotels downtown and not far from GraceWorks Anchorage Housing.  Also easy parking. 337 E 4th Ave.  907-270-7780 

9.    Best “Blue Collar”  Breakfast. Gwinnies.  Breakfast  anytime. Try the Sourdough pancakes and reindeer sausage. 4333 Spenard Road, (907) 243-2090.  Also Kriner's Diner 2409 C st.   Also Village Inn, Denny's and IHOP do a good breakfast.  Sorry, no Waffle House in Anchorage   (But I'll become your best friend if you move up and open one!)

10. Best Thai. Siam.  Favorite date place for Scott and Connie. 1911 W Dimond Blvd, (907) 344-3663

11.  Best Unique Alaska Cuisine.  The 49th State.  Corner of 3rd and G street not far from GraceWorks housing.  Alaska seafood soup, and of course halibut, King Crab and salmon dishes. Burgers, pizza, samwiches, fresh seafood and even German snitzel. Very fun Alaskan menu. Great deck and patio with a view.  907-277-7727.  Room for groups but tends to be crowed. Very very popular and the food is outstanding. 

 12. Best Italian.  Pizza Plaza. Outstanding pizza and Italian.  Nice place.   601 East Northern Lights,  907-276-0466 .  Sorrento's is also good.  10 E. Fireweed

13. Most Popular in Anchorage.  Hold on to your seats, folks. The most popular eating place in Anchorage is the Golden Corral.  All you can eat. Pretty dog-gone good.  4520 Union Square Dr.  Near C Street and Tudor Intersection.  Great for groups.  

14.  Trendy.  Humpies Restaurant/Bar.  Lots of variety, noise and activity. Downtown.  Giant menu. Featured on Man vs Food.  610 W. 6th Avenue .  907-276-2337.  

The newest trendy place in town is The Rustic Goat, 12800 Turnagain St. 907-334-8100.  Reservations recommended.  

15. Best Coffee.  Kaladis.  Coffee shops found all over town.   Due to their loud, outspoken, far-left social positions, I am not a fan of Starbucks and have chosen to not go there.  

16.  Best Mexican.  
Best Chain is Taco King. Very good and found all over town.  One of  Scott & Connie's favorite date places is Pacho Villas.  Also has the best hamburger  in town.

17. Destination Dining.

Double Musky. One of the most celebrated restaurants in Alaska. 45 min drive from Anchorage in Girdwood.  Reservations not accepted. Mile .3  Crow Creek Rd.

Chair 5. In Girdwood also. 45 min drive. Great food.

​Raven's Perch Restaurant.  End of Knik River Road, Palmer.

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