Van Driver Instructions and Agreement

Please read over the following and sign your agreement as a van


Fuel. We will give you the van with a full tank.  Refueling is your responsibility after that.  Takes unleaded fuel.

Right turns. We have had three minor accidents where the driver made too sharp a right turn and collided with an object on the right side. Remember how very long this van is.

Exit. It is suggested that the driver always help people out of the side door. It is a long step and should help keep them from stumbling.

Oil. Keep an eye on oil level.

Supplies for the van are in a box under the first bench seat, including fire extinguisher and medical kit.

Insurance.  The van insurance is with Church Mutual. Insurance card is in the van.  In order to keep costs down, our insurance deductible is $1,000.  In the event of an accident that is your fault, we ask that that your church or driver be responsible for this first $1,000. 

Speed. Our policy is that the van should never be driven over 60 mph. 

Road Ruts.  Studded snow tires make ruts in our highways. When it rains, these ruts fill with water.  These can create hydroplaning situations or causing a large vehicle with a high center of gravity to lose control. 

Rolling the Van.  There have been documented accidents where a loaded 15 passenger van, after passing another vehicle at high speed, jerked the steering wheel right to return to his lane, and rolled the van. 

 Lights on all times. The Law in Alaska.

 Pedestrians and Bicycles. We have lots! Watch out!

 Age.  No van drivers under 25 years old please if possible.

 Mountains. VERY IMPORTANT.  Use 1st and  2rd gear AND NOT BRAKES for decending steep mountain roads such as Arctic Valley and Glen Alps roads. 

Safety first.  You have precious cargo.  Stay alert. Texting while driving is illegal in Alaska.  Also, we strongly discourage drivers talking on the phone while driving. Drivers should only be on the phone for short periods of time only for essential phone calls.  Absolutely no picture taking while you are driving. 

Seatbelts.  It is the van driver's responsibility to remind all passengers to wear their seatbelts prior to the van moving. 

Van Passenger Unloading.  Right front seat passenger should assist people out of the van side door. 

Accident. Insurance card in van. Call Jerry (404-631-7124) or Tyler (706-491-8045) or Scott (907-440-4974)

Trash. Please keep trash picked up in the van. Trash can is provided in the van.

Traffic leaving and arriving Calvary
church should enter and exit along the road next to the fence (Port and river side).

Keys.  You get one key. It is your responsibility to return the key at end of week.

Report to GraceWorks staff anything malfunctioning or not working on the van immediately. 


I have read, understand and agree with the van driver instructions


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