Anchorage is Base Camp for summer fun.  We have 20 hours of daylight in the Summer, so what are you waiting for?  Here are some of Scott's favorites…

Portage Lake Glacier Cruise.  If you like, we can build this cruise into your 
Saturday sightsee day that is included with all our mission projects.  This 
cruise is spectacular and well worth it. Group price is $31/ pp.  Best NOT 
to make reservations.  There is always room.  

Flat Top/ Glen Alps Hike.  Flat Top is reported to be the most popular hike 
in Alaska.  It is very steep and pretty rugged at the top.  The view at the top, 
however, is unmatched.  All the hike is above the tree line and chances are 
good you'll see moose.  Pick wild blueberries on the way.  If the climb to 
Flat Top is a little too much, take the Power Line Trail which is almost level. 

Arctic Valley Drive/Hike. Take the Glen Hwy north out of town. The next exit past Muldoon is Arctic Valley. Just follow the road and enjoy the spectacular drive to the top of the mountain. You can drive this from Anchorage in 20 to 30 minutes. Be sure to drive down in 1st & 2rd gear.  Look for bears and moose on the way.  Once you get to the top, there are a multitude of trails going in all directions.  Take the trail to the right of the ski area  and get a awesome view of the wild Ship Creek valley.  Or, climb up from the parking lot to check out the Nike Missile site that once protected Anchorage during the Cold War. My favorite hike is straight ahead by the ski lodge up the mountain valley to the mountain saddle.  Have a seat and soak in the view!  

Prince William Sound Glacier Cruise. This is the number one thing I would recommend if you have the time and 
money.  Boat departs Whittier daily and is about an

                                                                                                        hour 15 minutes from Anchorage.  Cost is about $139pp, but you can you can get 30% off on group

                                                                                                        fares and also sometimes get a buy one/ get one free with the Great Alaskan Tour Saver book

                                                                                                        (purchase for $100 at Carr's/Safeway.)

Hatcher Pass. This is about an hour and a half drive from Anchorage up some of the wildest, most spectacular, and highest roads in the state.  The scenery is stunning, and you'll want to explore the Independence Mine State Park at the top.  This region is famous for berry-picking. 

Alaska Railroad.  Whooo, whooo.  All aboard!  Alaska offers some of the most spectacular train trips in the world.  The Chugach Whistle Stop trip offers a train trip to the remote Spencer Glacier, time to hike and explore, and a return train trip home.

Spencer Glacier Float Trip. Alaska train to Spencer Glacier, and then enjoy a guided float trip thorough the wilderness down the Placer River.

Flightseeing.  Your pilot is Danny Davidson, President of Christian Pilots of 
Alaska and Long time Bush pilot and senior Iditarod pilot. My son said, "One 
of the top ten best things of my whole life."  The plane holds three passengers 
at a time. This comes out to about $150/pp/hour if all three seats are filled. 
Most people choose to fly to Knik Glacier pictured here.  This is something you 
will never forget!  Call Danny at 907-441-5969 to set up a flight.   

Whittier.  This is an hour and half trip from Anchorage.  Go through the 
longest tunnel in North America.  Whittier is base camp for Prince William Sound
glacier cruises, fishing trips, or take a great hike up to Portage Pass and look 
down on the amazing beauty of Portage Lake and Portage Glacier.  Contact my 
friend June Miller there for a place to stay or referrals for cruising or fishing.  
907-472-6001 or cell 907-841-5102 

Bear Viewing Trip.  This is pricey but unforgettable same day trip.  Fly from Lake Hood next to Anchorage International Airport with Rust's Flying service about 100 miles to the Wolverine River near Mt Redoubt.  Land and get up close and personal with bears. About $600/pp.

Airboat Ride to Knik Glacier.  Knik Glacier is absolutely awe-inspiring and is not accessible except by air, four wheeler and airboat.  The starting point for this journey  is only about an hour drive from Anchorage and is also a very wonderful place to stay.

FourWheeling Ride to Knik Glacier.

Horseback Riding in Spectacular Knik Wilderness. Palmer. 
Run as a Christian family business.                                                                                 

Native Cultural Center.   Great introduction to Alaska Native peoples and culture. Especially good indoor activity on a rainy Alaska day here in Anchorage.

Alaska Zoo.   A fun day trip in Anchorage. Off OMalley Road.

Sled Dog Stuff.  Visit Iditarod Headquarters in Wasilla and take a ride.       Or, check out the Wildride Sled Dog Show in Anchorage. Like a sled dog rodeo.
Or drive to Seward and  check out Seavey's Iditaride Sled Dog Tours.

Denali National Park. "Denali" means "The Great One" and when we talk about parks in Alaska, this is certainly the Great One!  It is a place to view the pristine beauty of BIG Alaska, see diverse wildlife including caribou and bears, and of course

get a up-close-and-personal view of Denali – highest mountain in North 
America and centerpiece of the park.  This is not a daytrip.  It will take 
you 5 + hours to drive to the entrance from Anchorage, another day to
explore the Park, and another day to return to Anchorage (unless you 
do an exhausting late evening long drive back).  However, if you have
time to stay extra days in Alaska after your Mission, this is the one to 
consider!  This is not a cheap trip. You'll need to pay for two nights 
lodging in the area, bus tickets into the park, and park entry fee, your 
transport to the park, plus any meals.  In order to preserve the pristine 
beauty of the park, you are required to ride park buses into the park. 
These trips run 5 to 12 hours — depending on how far into the park 
you want to go.

Or, if you want to combine train and hotel into a package, check out Gray Line web specials.

Learn to "Curl."  There are not many places in America where you can learn the Olympic sport "curling."  You can learn right here in Anchorage.

Skwentna "Off the Grid" Adventure.  Our pilot, Danny Davidson, will fly you 60 miles to a remote village that can only be reached by air, boat, or snowmachine.  Options include staying at Skwentna Road House or just having a meal there, charter fishing for Salmon or Trout, winter snowmachining and/or hiking.  Check Roadhouse website for prices, and contact Danny Davidson for air taxi (907-441-5969).

Talkeetna Day Trip. Check out my whole page on this day trip.  

Valdez to Whitter Ferry..  Rent or borrow a car and enjoy a spectacular 6 hour drive from Anchorage to Valdez via Glennallen.  Put your car and yourselves  on 5  hour ferry departing 7:30am from Valdez to Whitter on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays passing through Prince William Sound.  You should see amazing wildlife including whales and also many glaciers. Less than an  hour and a half from Whittier back to Anchorage.

Knik & Palmer Day trip.

Seward Day Trip.    

Kincaid Park Beach Walk.  Kincaid Park is just south of the Anchorage Airport. Exit on Raspberry and go West to the the end of the road.
The trail can be a little confusing to find, so need one of our staff to guide you.  Stay very alert for moose on the trail there, and KEEP YOUR DISTANCE.
Fourth Avenue Tourist Shops and Ship Creek Salmon Viewing.

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