​        Funding Your Trip

Here is a basic principle. "Where God guides, He provides!"  Here is some help funding your Mission Trip:

1. Pay for the trip yourself. It is OK to give to your mission, but I think it is best that you not fully fund the mission from your own pocket. Two reasons:  First, this generally means that only those who are wealthy in the church are able to go. Secondly, the team member misses both the joy and the lesson of seeing God provide the funds.  

2. Fundraising Events. Here are some of the more successful ones I have seen.

Church-wide Yard sale
Bake sale. 
Entertainment coupon books  (go to entertainment.com)
Spaghetti lunch.  Sunday morning share in service about the project.  Have fundraising 
spaghetti lunch immediately after the a.m. service. 
Pancake Breakfast.
Other ideas may include chili cookoff, craft fair, hire out for babysitting or yard sale, 
romantic dinner and show at church, sell cookbooks, jail-a-thon, auction, or a car wash.

3.  Prayer/Support Letters. Team members send out prayer letters to friends, family, church members, work associates, etc, asking for prayer and help on their trip. Here are some advantages to this method.

Chance to see what God can do and willl do in my life
Stimulates and encourages a missionary vision in others
Allows others the chance to be blessed.
Creates prayer warriers 
Teaches us humilty and dependence on others and upon God
Opens up opportunities for witness

How to Prepare Prayer/Support Letters.  You are facing a wonderful challenge to see God work to help you on your mission trip.  Here is a simple plan that thousands of short-term missionaries have found successful. 

1.  Prepare a list prayerfully of at least 50 names of people you want to partner with you on this project.  The idea is to develop a team of people who will pray for you.  Yes, you need funds, but your greater need is prayer.  This list should include friends, relatives, neighbors, teachers, parent’s friends, work associates, church associates and leaders.   It can also include non-Christians.  2/3 of the names should be from outside your church, if possible.  Remember, at least 50 names!! Not 15. 

 2.  Write a letter to these people telling them about the mission opportunity you have and asking them to pray for you.  Be personal and one page only! Give project details, dates, cost, purpose and why you want to go.  Ask them to consider praying and/or giving. Give a deadline and tell them what to do next. 

3. Mail the letters.  Also include the (1)response card below (with your name added to the first line) and (2) a self addressed, stamped envelope.  Note that support checks should be mailed back to you.  They should be written to GraceWorks but mailed to you.  Your name should not be on the actual support check.

4.  Pray for God to move on people’s hearts as they receive the letters.

5. Once you have a good stack of checks, mail them together to GraceWorks, 4149 Checkmate Dr, Anchorage, AK  99508.  We will send receipts to the contributors.  

6.  Report after the project to your partnership team members.  Either call them, visit them, or send a letter and tell them what happened on the project and how it affected you.  Thank them for their part in helping.  

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