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Did you know that Alaska is the least church-attending state in the US?  It

is far less churched than places like Haiti (95% professing Christian),

Guatemala (96% professing Christian) , Belize (84% professing Christian),

and other central America/ Caribbean countries.  Alaska is 69% professing

Christian with only 36% saying that they identify with any religious group.   

And far less than that go to any church. 

People think of Alaska as a tourist destination, but we are a serious mission

field.  And we need help!
Partnering with local churches, we facilitate mission volunteers and church

teams working direct with non-churched children, youth and adults in local parks -- feeding meals to the hungry, backyard Bible school, sports, games and crafts. Most of the neighborhoods we work in are amazingly multi-ethnic.  Three out of the top five most diverse communities in America are in Anchorage, Alaska and we work in all three.  Working in our local parks is like international missions in a domestic setting.  Our goal is nothing less than a multiplying, church planting Jesus Movement here in Alaska.  We are committed to partnering with others in church planting, evangelism and discipleship.  
You can serve here without a translator and without a passport. 

No language barrier and no Zika virus to worry about.  Temps here in the summer are in the 60's, 70's instead of 90's &100's in Central America. Our

housing is clean and comfortable and safe. Our food is the best you 'll ever have on a mission trip! We will be the most ORGANIZED mission you will ever work with. And we will show off some of the beauty of Alaska while you are here!    

​​GraceWorks focuses on the neglected neighborhoods.  You will work in multi-ethnic communities - including

Samoan, Hispanic, Native American, Hmong, and African American.  Our belief is that the Great Commission

is NOT just for the World to go to church, but for the Church to go to the World!  We partner with local

churches and church planters to insure quality followup.

What will you be doing? You'll be feeding hungry, disadvantaged  children a good lunch. In the afternoon

you will work in a local park teaching unchurched children and youth the Bible. You will support that work

with games, crafts, music and recreation.  You will host evangelistic community Park Parties in the evenings.  

We live here in Alaska and have been doing this a long time. We have more experience than anyone else.  In the past six years we have hosted more than 6,000 mission volunteers here in Alaska. Folks keep coming back again and again because they trust us and we know what we are doing and do what we promise.

2020 Summer dates are: 
May 31-June 6  OPEN
June 7-13  OPEN
June 14-20  OPEN
June 21-27  OPEN
July 5-11  OPEN
July 12-18  OPEN
July 19-25  OPEN
July 26- Aug 1  OPEN

We ask you to arrive Sunday evening and ​

depart the following Saturday evening. 

We cannot provide housing or airport pickup on Saturdays. If you choose to come early, you must get a hotel and use the hotel airport shuttle. We can pick you up any time after 12.30pm on Sunday.  

Fun?  Oh yeah!  On Saturday, we'll take you on a spectacular, jaw-dropping

drive along Turnagain Arm - an inlet named by the famous explorer Captain

Cook.  Look for eagles and Beluga whales on your right and Dall Sheep on

the vertical mountains to your left.  Soon we arrive at magical Portage Valley

where you are surrounded by majestic blue glaciers!  All aboard as we take

an hour-long boat cruise to 100 yard high face of a giant glacier calving into

Portage Lake. Then we take a short, easy stroll to another glacier where you

can have a snowball fight if you wish!  Maybe we will see a moose or a bear?

On the way back to Anchorage, we will stop at the Wildlife Conservation

Center and check out the grizzlies, black bears, caribou, moose, and other

Alaskan critters.  You'll love it!!

How Much?  Because we are working concurrently at 15 park locations each day for the entire summer, we need a lot of volunteer teams.  We found that it works best for us to put together a turnkey package where we handle the ground logistics so that you can concentrate on your ministry project here.  We provide comfortable  housing, all meals, transportation, staff hosting, airport transfers, most of the supplies and a day guided sightseeing.  The land cost of all this is $650/pp.  

Airfare is not included and you have to do that yourself.  I want to help you find your best deals.  For instance, we can send you a 5% off coupon on Alaska air flights. And did you know that some small airlines like Sun Country Air, Jet Blue, and Allegiant have some amazing deals to Anchorage in the summer?  Check out "Airline Deals" under the "Resources" on the Heading Tabs above.  Some teams choose to arrive a day early and depart a day later to save money on airfares. Check out "Hotel & Car Rental" under the "Resources" tab above. GraceWorks is unable EVER to house groups on Saturday evenings due to our housing arrangements.   

What Next?  Contact Scott Kirby at, or call him at 907-440-4974.  Or you are welcome to use the contact form below.

Deposit and Payment. For both individuals and groups, we need a $50/pp non-refundable deposit by January 31, 2020 sent to GraceWorks, 4149 Checkmate Dr, Anchorage, AK  99508.  Trip cost goes up to $700/pp for those who are unable to make the deposit deadline.  Group Reservations made without us receiving the $50/pp non-refundable deposit by Jan 31 are not considered firm by us.  (of course if you have a problem, give Scott a call and we'll work with you on this.) Our reason for this change is that each year we have about 15% of groups who book and then cancel too late for us to be able to recruit other groups to take their place - leaving us with the problem of ministry locations that we have committed to  that now we have no one to cover. 

Individuals need to submit the application form found under "resources" or the button to your right.

Groups need not do application form.  Best to book as early as you can. We were almost 100% full by November for the next summer. 


GraceWorks Alaska


GraceWorks Alaska


​GraceWorks Alaska​
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Summer 2020

"The good news is that we have been absolutely blessed in partnering with our school and GraceWorks, to the point where our children’s ministry is seeing a noticeable jump in current (and potential future) attendance" Pastor Ben, Chugach Church, Anchorage

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