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​​Summer 2021

"An absolute first class ministry that takes care of every detail! Can't wait to come

back! By far best host I've worked with on a mission trip!" Jody. Boca Community Church.​

​Did you know that Alaska is the least church-attending state in the US? People think of 

Alaska as a tourist destination, but there is a giant need for the Gospel here!
Partnering with local churches here, we facilitate mission volunteers and church teams 

working direct with non-churched children, youth and adults in local public parks --

feeding meals to the hungry, backyard Bible school, sports, games and crafts. Most of

the neighborhoods we work in are amazingly multi-ethnic. Three out of the top five most diverse communities in America are in Anchorage, Alaska and we work in all three. Our goal is nothing less than a multiplying, church planting Jesus Movement here in Alaska. We are committed to partnering with others in church planting, evangelism and discipleship.  Our housing is clean and comfortable and safe. Our food is the best! And we will show off some of the beauty of Alaska while you are here!

WE LIVE HERE in Alaska and know Alaska. We have been doing this for 14 years! We are not a BIG mission that is scattered all over the world. We are focused only on Alaska. Our passion is reaching OUR state with the Gospel Good news. We host far more volunteers than any other mission organization and understand best what the needs are and what works best. Each of our ministry locations is partnered year-round with a nearby, local Alaskan church in order to help facilitate year-round followup.  Our two biggest compliments are that we are SO WELL ORGANIZED and the food is the best ever on a mission trip! Mission Teams, families and individuals keep coming back again and again because they trust us, we exceed expectations, they enjoy the best food ever on a mission trip, and do significant ministry with people.

Our belief is that the Great Commission is not for the World to go to church, but for the Church to go to the World. 

Where are people at, and how can we go to them, serve them in the Name of Christ, and look for opportunities to have 

a verbal witness?  At lunch, you'll feed hungry, disadvantaged kids a good meal. In the afternoons, your  will work in

local parks doing backyard bible school, games and recreation with underserved children and youth. In the evenings

you will help host neighborhood park parties.

2021 Summer Dates

May 30- June 5  FULL
June 6-12  
June 13-19  
June 20-26  
July 4-10
July 11-17  
July 18-24  
July 25-31  FULL

 We ask you to arrive Sunday evening and ​depart the following Saturday evening.  
We cannot accommodate you or provide vehicles if you choose to come early or stay later than Saturday. We can suggest some hotels who also offer a hotel airport shuttle. If you choose a hotel, we can pick you up any time after 12.30pm on Sunday.  

Fun?  Oh yeah. On Saturday we'll take you on a spectacular, jaw-dropping drive south from Anchorage along 
Turnagain Arm – an inlet named by the famous explorer Captain Cook. Look for eagles and whales in the sea 
on your right and sheep on the mountains to your left. First, we’ll stop at the Wildlife Conservation Center 
and see grizzly & black bears, caribou, moose, buffalo and other Alaskan critters.  From there a short drive to  

magical Portage Valley. You’re surrounded by majestic blue glaciers! We'll take a short, easy hike to a snowfield and 
experience the wilderness. Maybe we’ll see a bear or a moose! How often do you get a chance to throw a 
snowball in mid summer? Later, we’ll take an hour boat cruise to the face of a glacier and (hopefully) watch it calf. 

Check out the video on the right where Captain Marcelle tells about the cruise. 

COVID?  We are moving forward with a normal schedule for this summer.  We take the Covid situation serious and

we will do everything in our power to keep our guest missionaries, our staff, and the kids at the parks safe.  Before

the beginning of the summer we will post a very detailed Covid Mitigation Plan. 

How Much?  Because we are working concurrently at more than 15 public city park and mobile home park locations

each day for the entire summer, we need a lot of volunteer teams.  We found that it works best for us to put together

a turn-key package where we handle the ground logistics so that you can concentrate on your ministry project 
here.  We provide comfortable  housing, all meals, transportation, staff hosting, airport transfers, most of the

supplies and a day guided sightseeing.  The land cost of all this is $650/pp. (Optional Portage Glacier Cruise is not

included and must be paid direct to the boat by credit card. Waiting on next year pricing but expect about $36/person) 

Airfare is not included and you have to do that yourself.  I want to help you find your best deals.  Check out "Airline Deals" under the "Resources" on the Heading Tabs above.  Some teams choose to arrive a day early and depart a day later to save money on airfares although you must factor in the cost of a hotel and ground transportation if you do so.   Check out "Hotel & Car Rental" under the "Resources" tab above. GraceWorks is unable EVER to house groups on Saturday evenings due to our housing arrangements.    

​Booking.  Contact Scott Kirby at, or call him at 907-440-4974.  Or you are welcome to use the contact form below. 

Deposit and Payment. For both individuals and groups, we request a $50/pp deposit sent to GraceWorks, 4149 Checkmate Dr, Anchorage, AK  99508.   The purpose of the deposit is so that you have skin in the game.  However, this year WE WILL REFUND 100% OF YOUR DEPOSIT SHOULD YOU HAVE TO CANCEL.  





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"The good news is that we have been absolutely blessed in partnering with our school and GraceWorks, to the point where our children’s ministry is seeing a noticeable jump in current (and potential future) attendance" Pastor Ben, Chugach Church, Anchorage

​We have been to Graceworks 3 times with 3 different teams, and are planning to go back in 2020. They are doing a wonderful work. Super in every aspect!  Pastor Edwin Bowman

Amazing experience. Started going four summers ago and hope to do it for many years to come. Organized and yet plenty of sight seeing time to fall in love with Alaska, it’s people and it’s culture. Great place to share Christ’s love. Linda F

​This past summer I had the privilege of leading a group of 18 high school students and 3 chaperones, from San Antonio Christian School, to serve alongside those running VBS in Anchorage, Alaska. It was my first time joining with GraceWorks and I am so glad we did as a school. GraceWorks created an ideal environment for the students to serve. Their safe, clean, and comfortable housing, joined with great food and a staff who’s hearts’ desire is service, all allowed for our ministry in the parks to remain at the forefront of our thinking. It was amazing to see the Lord’s work in the parks through our students, and also to see fruit of what He was doing through the teams that served before us. More than anything though, I am grateful that GraceWorks provided an atmosphere for the kids from my school to see the brokenness of this world, and for their hearts to break for those people, just as Jesus’s heart breaks for them. I wholeheartedly recommend GraceWorks to any Christian school as a safe avenue to introduce students to service.         Ryan McCall, Spiritual Life Director,  

​Our team could not stop talking about their experience with Graceworks Alaska. I wanted to say THANK YOU for being so organized and prepared for our group. We appreciate the task involved in hosting so many different organizations but you all truly made our group feel at home in Alaska. Our group loved their experience and we definitely want to come again next year.  Mieke  Godly Church, GA