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Knik Valley/ Palmer Area Day Trip 

​Saturday Day Trip Option

Knik Valley is an amazing 20 mile long glacier valley ending with Knik Glacier.  The Knik River that flows by Anchorage begins at the Glacier.  The bad news is that this valley is almost inaccessible.  If you take the flightseeing recommended by GraceWorks, you will see the amazing Knik Glacier.  Unless you take an expensive  helicopter,  boat, or  four-wheeler tour, you cannot get up close to the glacier.  

However, there are other ways to enjoy this amazing valley and see the glacier for GraceWorks teams

that want to take an evening, a morning, or a full day, there are several things to do.  If  you want to do a

full day trip then you can do most of the things below.  Or you can do a evening drive out here and

choose what your group wants to do.  

Choose some or all of the options below based on your group's interest, time and budget.  

1. Drive the Knik River Road. About an hour drive from downtown Anchorage.
Take 6th Avenue north becoming the Glen Highway.  
Follow highway for about 30 minutes / 29 miles and take exit Old Glenn Highway (if you cross the Knik

River River you went too far, turn around at next exit).
Follow Old Glenn Highway east for approximately 8.5 miles.
Immediately before the bridge over the Kink River take a right onto Knik River Road.
Follow Knik River road to the very end: 11.2 miles.

About half way down the Knik River Road you will see a Scenic View sign.  1500' later exit to the pullout

on the left to see the Glacier.  The road ends at Knik River Lodge.

2. Enjoy a meal at the Knik River Lodge Raven’s Perch Restaurant. MUST do reservations 907-745-5002.

If you are making this a full day trip for your team, consider making breakfast reservations for your team

and going here first.  Spectacular View.    http://knikriverlodge.com    The Lodge  is also a place to rent

a small cabin if you are just looking for Alaska wilderness solitude.  Views are wonderful. Or make this a

dinner excursion for your group. Check prices first!

​3.  Knik River Public Use area.    Take 6th Avenue north becoming the Glen Highway.  Exit 29 miles later to Old

Glenn Highway. Follow Old Glenn Highway east for approximately 8.5 miles.  Immediately after crossing the Knik

River Bridge, turn off the main roadway and drive down the riverbed.  This is a good area to get out and hike

around, you can walk beside the glacially-fed Knik River while looking southward across the river at spectacular 

Pioneer Peak. 

4. Hike Bodenburg Butte. continue down the Old Glenn Highway from the Knik River Bridge about 4 miles, Turn

left onto Bodenburg loop road AFTER  passing the Butte, not before.  After half a mile, turn left again onto

"Mothershead Lane"; you will see the parking area on your right shortly afterwards. Take the road around to the

left after parking, the trailhead is on the right.  The trail is steep at times with steps, but it is not terribly long.

 Amazing views from the top!  

5. Explore "Downtown" Palmer. Keep going northwest on Old Glenn Highway. Soon after seeing Palmer airport

on the left, turn left on South Valley Way and shortly you'll be in downtown Palmer.  Lots of shops, funky eating

places, coffee shops and other fun places to snoop around.  

6.  Take a drive to Hatcher Pass.  Turn right in Palmer on Glenn Highway. Very soon turn left on  Fishhook-Willow

Road up the mountain from Palmer to Independence Mine State Park. Steep road so please remember to use

1st and 2rd gear if you are using a GraceWorks Van.  http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/units/indmine.htm  

7. Reindeer Farm. $9 adults/youth.   http://www.reindeerfarm.com

8. Muskox Farm.  $11 adults/youth.  https://www.muskoxfarm.org

9.  Return drive back to Anchorage (or Wasilla).  Return from Palmer via the Glenn Highway.  On your return, after you cross the Knik River Bridge, exit Eklutna exit, turn right and just a little way down on the left is Eklutna Village Orthodox Church and traditional cemetary.  A little further enroute back to Anchorage exit North Birchwood and turn right and then right into Three Bears Grocery store.  This is a true Alaska grocery store and your folks might get some deals on goodies. Also they have good coffee shop and clean toilets inside. You can fuel up here also.  

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