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Respectfulness.  Everyone should be treated with great respect – regardless of race or color. We will be careful to avoid negative comments about other people and ministries.

Conflict. We will make effort and exercise great patience to avoid burning bridges and avoid making enemies.  Alaska is too small in population to have a lot of enemies.  However, if someone wrongs you, we will be circumspect and careful in our future dealings with that person. 

Cooperation.  “We’ve all got to work together to get the job done.”  Fulfilling
the Great Commission in Alaska is too big for anyone to accomplish alone, 
and too important not to try to do it together. There is no limit to what 
God can do when you don’t care who gets the credit.  We will demonstrate 
humility and esteeming others above ourselves. 

Friendship/Relationship. Ministry is best accomplished through friendship
and relationship.  We shall work hard to build friends and relationships.  
We will serve these friends unconditionally with no hope of getting 
anything back. 

Service.  Jesus taught that if we want to be great in the Kingdom, we must serve others.  Much of our ministry here in Alaska will be serving others – with no strings attached.  Good deeds create good will which creates good opportunities to share the Good News.  We will be careful, however, to be sure that our service is verbally in the Name of Christ. 

Quality.  We want to do what we do with higher quality than anybody else, and work harder than anyone else.  We strive to exceed expectations.  We do what we promise – no matter what it costs us.  We take complaints very seriously and work hard to fix them.  We admit fault and clean up messes that we make.  We can always do better. 

Denominations.  We will honor other denominations and avoid criticizing
other Faiths.  Where there is doctrinal weakness, we will do our part to 
help facilitate that ministry back to a Biblical/Evangelical  position.  
We will focus more on proclaiming and living Truth, than attacking/
criticizing Error. 

Leadership. We are a team. Everybody has a voice and is listened to.  
Consensus is the preferred way of making important decisions.  Scott 
tells our staff that they do not work for him.  Instead, we work for each other, and we all work for the Lord.

Decision Making.  We are not rule, policy, and budget driven.  This means that  decisions are not made on basis of rules, policies, and budgets.    We are relationship, service, vision, and ministry driven.  Flexibility and adaptability are important virtues.

Finances.  Transparency and Honesty rule.  Our books are always open.  We believe funds follow ministry and vision. We work to focus on following God's leading and depend on Him to provide what is needed.  Hudson Taylor once said, "God's work, done God's way, will never lack for God's provision."  God’s will is God’s bill!

We need each other. We all need God and His wisdom and empowerment.  

​Core Values

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