Be prepared for cool and wet weather. After all, this is Alaska! From mid- June to mid-August, expect lows in low 50s. Highs will be in the 50s -70s. We can sometimes reach 70 or higher. Maybe you’ll get lucky! Always be prepared for rain. There are Laundromats if you need to wash clothes.
Good news: we do have stores here in the Last Frontier, at least in Anchorage, and TAX FREE on most items. Wal-Mart, Fred Meyer, Sam’s, Costco, etc.…
Jeans are standard for Alaska, even for church. No need to waste valuable packing space bringing religious clothes. 

Remember luggage and weight restrictions!

Extra batteries
Insect repellant: 
Lip balm, sunscreen
Medicine: Allergy and other meds (non-prescription of course)
Toiletries (strictly up to you)
Towels and wash rags
Work clothes: There is a thrift store if interested.
Clothing: Think layers. Also bring clothing you won't mind getting stained.
Contact lens supplies
Eye shades for sleeping (sunlight 24-7 until last of July)

Ear Plugs (in case you are rooming with a snorer) 
Eye wear and care
Meds for 10 days (just to be safe)
Rain jacket/gear
Snack items if you have layover, etc.
Single twin bed sheets and pillow case
Sweatshirt/sweater/light jacket
Teaching notes/supplies
Towel and washcloth 


Optional items: Binoculars ,Camera, Travel alarm
We provide a bed (or air  mattress), pillow, and blanket.
Let us know if you need any special sleep arrangements and Dietary arrangements.

Online. We do have online access

Phones. Most phones work here.  If you are not using one of the major companies, you had better check before you come.  

 Alaska Summer Packing