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This mission team will work in small villages in very Gospel-Needy areas of Romania giving out food bags to designated poor families and widows, reading glasses, medicines and Bibles in the morning.  And of course sharing Christ. We believe good deeds create goodwill that create good opportunities to share the Good News. In the afternoon we will hold after-school Bible Clubs for children in villages. Evening evangelistic meetings in village houses or small churches.  This is a great opportunity to GIVE BACK.  

Housing is comfortable and meals are great.  You will probably gain weight!

Romanians LOVE Americans. We provide amazing student translators to work with you.  

We need those who can preach, teach, hold after-school children's Bible classes, give testimony,

sing and play instruments, fit eye glasses, distribute medicines to the poor, and hand out bags of

food to very poor families and widows.  

Nov 4. Monday.   Romania team departs USA.
Nov 5.  Tuesday. Team arrives Budapest Hungary or Cluj Romania.  Travel to ministry site. 
Nov 6-11. Wed –Monday. Ministry Project. 
Nov 12. Tues.  Fly Home. Or fly  to Israel for Jerusalem "People's Pilgrimage" sightsee trip

How much? Cost is $2,095 from East Coast USA – all inclusive. Price may be more from Central US, West Coast, and Alaska due to airfare. Cut us a little slack on cost, because airfares are pretty hard to estimate this far out.  Flights will go into Cluj, Romania or Budapest Hungary.

" is a BUDGET Trip for $595. Yes, $595!!!  You will never again be able to go to the Holy Land for this price.  By "People’s Pilgrimage", I mean that I designed this trip so that almost anyone can afford it.  Most Holy Land trips are $3,000- $5,000.  While in Jerusalem in November setting this trip up, I met James MacDonald leading a tour group.  His folks were paying $4,500.  My price for the Jerusalem People’s Pilgrimage is $595!!!! 

Includes airfare to Israel from Romania, extra cost of airfare to fly home from Tel Aviv,  3 days and 3 nights in Jerusalem including hotel in 8 minute walking distance to the Old City, breakfast and dinner each day, and roundtrip transport from Tel Aviv airport to Jerusalem hotel.  Included also are two guided half day walking tours (by me!) which will include the Wailing Wall, Garden of Gethsemene & Mt of Olives,  Damascus Gate, Garden Tomb, Old City shops, Church of the Holy Sepulchre and more. 

Now to the disclaimers.  Your flights to and from Israel will require you to get up in the middle of the night to go to the airport. Also, you will need to come to Israel with one checked bag, and a bag you can carry on your shoulder. NO wheeled carry-on bags.  Other groups usually tour the entire Holy Land. We ONLY visit Jerusalem.  Hotel will be 3 star – NOT 5 star. Clean but very basic with two to a room.  If you want to be pampered, pay the big bucks and go with the Professional Tour group companies.  Provided meals will be fairly plain (although you are welcome to go out to dinner on your own dime.)  Lunches are not provided so you will have that extra expense.  I have a list of outstanding lunch places. Tour will be walking. Hear me. LOTS and lots of WALKING.  Jerusalem is on a mountain. If you can’t walk 5 miles a day with hills and sometimes uneven paved rock surfaces, then this trip is NOT for you.  Please do not sign up. 
You will have time for some additional exploration on your own some very worthy destination such as the Holocaust Museum, Israel Museum, Bethlehem Church of the Nativity, Dome of the Rock, Mahane Yehuda market,  and of course some amazing shopping.  Plan to go in with others and rent a taxi to these locations.  There are also some excellent 3 hour tour groups you can join (for a small price) who depart very near to our hotel

Summary Costs and Dates.  You serve in Romania November 4-12.  Then you go to Jerusalem November 12-15 and fly home to USA on November 15. Total cost is $2095 Romania and $595 Jerusalem = TOTAL COST $2,690.  

2. Nov 15-17. Budapest Sightseeing Extension.  If you have the money and still have the time, in addition to the Romania Mission and the Jerusalem trip, I would love to take you to one of my favorite cities in the world!  I love this city and have led groups sighteeing here every year since 1991.  It is a great place to relish, recharge, and explore. We arrive here morning Friday November

15 from Israel.  Same day I will take you out for an afternoon exploring the Hero’s square area.  That

evening I will take you on a jaw dropping spectacular Danube River Dinner cruise.  The views are

wonderful and the food is outstanding.  

Next day I will lead you on a half day city tour using public transportation.  Again, you will walk over 5

miles on this day.  We’ll visit the Palace Hill area including Mattaias Church, Hospital in the Rock Museum,

and National Palace and also a walk across the Danube river on the chain bridge ending up at famous

Market Hall where we will have traditional Hungarian Goulosh soup listening to Gypsy Band.  Afternoon is

free.  Dinner this night at a famous restaurant that serves the traditional St Martin Day Goose Dinner. 

( you can order other things also) .  After dinner a ride on the famous Budapest Eye ferris wheel and end

with enjoying the rocking Budapest Outdoor Christmas Market.  

All inclusive Budapest price of $595 includes airfare to Budapest from Tel Aviv. Two nights hotel in

Budapest, airport transfers, breakfast, Danube Dinner Cruise, all public transport in the city, Hospital

in the Rock Museum and Mattaias church entry.  Saturday Hungarian goulash soup lunch and St Martin

Day Goose Dinner and Budapest Eye Ferris Wheel.  

Romania/Jerusalem/Budapest Price Summary.  Romania $2095 + Israel $595 + Budapest $595 = $3285.  

Since 1991, I have led more than 150 trips to Romania involving over 3,000 people. Nobody has more

experience leading groups into Romania. I promise you an excellent project that is well-organized.

We will EXCEED your expectations. 

What next? Email me at gograceworks@aol.com,  or call me at 907-440-4974 and tell me of your interest.

I'll send you an application. Return the completed application with $50 deposit. Your first major payment

is due Aug 5, 2018 for $1,000. Trip cost goes up $200 if Aug 5 payment date is not met. The balance is

due October 15. My book, Equipped for Adventure, has a chapter on "Funding your Trip" that will help you

raising the funds. (although the tourist portion of the trip cannot be paid for with raised funds)

It can be ordered at www.wmustore.com or www.amazon.com 

Please consider this project. We really need your help! Change your world. Volunteer and go! Scott Kirby 907-440-4974

Romania: An Adventure

        that Gives Back!

          November 4-12, 2019

          Special Jerusalem addition for $595

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