Scott, I just want to say thank you for allowing me to serve with Graceworks this summer.  I pray that lives were forever changed and hope they will continue their spiritual walk with Christ. I know that my life has changed too! It is amazing to see how God uses ordinary people like ourselves to further His kingdom. In Matthew, Jesus commands us to spread the gospel throughout the nations, and I believe Graceworks is doing this, one by one! Every experience I have had while here, has strengthened me and humbled me and I know I am going home a better person than I was .  Thank you again! Love ya!

​​​WHEN? You may serve one or both sessions.

These dates include two day orientation time.

Session One: May 26- June 25, 2022

Session Two: June 30- July 30, 2022

We need help this summer caring for over a thousand mission volunteers

coming to Alaska to share Christ. Here are our needs: Session One staff should

arrive Thursday May 26. Session two staff should arrive Thursday, June 30.  You

may choose one or both sessions. 

1. Team Hosts.  We serve in 14 different local public parks and trailer parks each

day working with disadvantaged kids feeding them lunch, hosting Bible school and

recreation. Each park needs a team host. This can be an individual or

couple.  You will manage the weekly mission teams working in your

park and oversee followup.

2. Culinary Ministry Team.  We house and feed our thousand plus mission volunteers

at four different location and run four different kitchens. so we need a lot of help. 

We need lead cooks and cook helpers.  We are willing to take high school students 

as kitchen helpers.  

3. Hospitality Director.  We need a person or a couple to organize

the bedding/housing plan each week for the missions teams,

and daily housekeeping duties. 

4. Motorpool Manager.  Oversee fleet of over 26 vehicles, 11 cargo

trailers, 6 campers, shower trailer,  and bunk trailer. Keep everything

running and scheduling of vehicles for mission teams and volunteer staff.

5. Adventure Director.  Helping to lead voluntary hikes three 
mornings a week. 

Helping teams do fun stuff in their evening free time. Help lead Saturday

sightseeing drive.

6. Kids Lunch Program Director.  Using our mission volunteers,

oversee the preparation and distribution of over 13,000 meals to

disadvantaged kids in local parks.  

7. Shopper.  Help buy food and supplies for cooks and also for the

more than 100 evangelistic park parties that we put on each


DETAILS:  We don't pay a salary. Staff are responsible to get

themselves to Alaska.  Once you get here, however, we feed you,

house you, and give you something to drive when needed.  You are not an employee of GraceWorks/Global Partnership Ministries and we do not provide insurance. Hours are long and time off is short.  However, it's a lot of fun and our staff keep coming back. You will be doing something significant! Generally we want our staff to be 20 or over, but we do make some exceptions. One perk is that we will give you a home base to stay up to four more days, and a free vehicle if you want to stay after you serve.



"Hate that I only have one lifetime to serve such a great Savior with such amazing people in such a spectacular ministry!"  Brenda K

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Apply for Staff

If you want to pursue Graceworks Summer Staff, call or email Scott Kirby.  907-440-4974 

We will interview you, send you an application and then followup. We also require a background check on staff.

"I have just experienced the biggest blessing in my life (other than my salvation and my boys). Thank you for allowing me to serve on staff with such a wonderful new family of Believers."  Sharon