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"Yes, Pearl,   We do have stores here in Anchorage!" And if you read through my list of favorite tourist-shopping places — the last one I list is the cheapest.  No cheating. You gotta go through the whole list!

Wild Berry.  This is a really fun place to check out . Largest chocolete waterfall in the world.  Not the best prices, but perhaps the largest selection of tourist stuff in town. I love this place!   5225 Juneau Street
Anchorage, AK 99518    (907) 562-8858 

Alaska Fur Exchange.  Every inch of this facinating store is packed with authentic 
alaska fur, carvings, bones, and other curios.  Very pricey, but fun to explore.  
Corner of Old Seward and Tudor.

Kobuk Coffee Company. Quality kitch stuff &Unique Gifts. Bakery/ Café/Coffee

Shop.504 W 5th Ave. 

Downtown Market.  Full square block of outdoor kiosks. Food, free entertainment,

native dancing, music. Lots of fun.  Saturdays and Sundays only.  Third Avenue

and E. Street. Not far from where we house volunteers in Anchorage. 

Fourth Avenue. This is tourist "Ground Zero!"  More shops than you can shake a 

stick at. Fun to cruise and you can find anything. Could spend a full day just here. 

Very near Calvary Church. Perhaps the most popular is Polar Bear Gifts at 4th and F streets.  

Alaska Native Medical Center Gift Shop.  100% Native crafts and the fairest prices

in town for authentic native craft items.  Also, walking in the hospital door is a  step into Native Culture.  4315 Diplomacy Dr.  Near corner of Elmore and Tudor.  Shop is on ground floor.  (SECRET!!  The commons area on each floor at the elevators houses some amazing Native craft displays. Like going to a Native American museum without having to pay!)

Antiques.  The Lazy Dog. Some old Alaska stuff and some real treasures.  1036 E 7th Ave.  907-276-8551. 

Fifth Avenue Mall. Great food court on top floor. C Street and Fifth Avenue. Not far 

from Anchorage GraceWorks Housing. 

Walmart.  Yep, the cheapest tourist stuff in town. No, you won't get authentic Native

crafts, but if you need to just buy cheep gifts, this is your place.  And also,  there is

a MacDonald's in the store in case you get tired of our cooking. 


​ in Anchorage

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