GraceWorks Alaska is looking for a worship leader for Calvary GraceWorks Church in Anchorage, Alaska.   In April 2022, Calvary Baptist Church unanimously gifted one of the larger church campuses in the city to GraceWorks/Global Partnership Ministries.  We agreed to restart church at that location targeting next generation, the local Government Hill community, and the nearby military community.  Our vision is a church filled with people who are attracted by passionate, genuine followers of Jesus Christ and the outstanding Jesus worship music.  

We have a good reputation in the city gained over 16 years of ministry, the largest church fleet of vehicles in the state, hundreds of volunteers each summer to help, and literally thousands of churches and friends who have been involved in our mission over the years.  We are looking for a worship leader to help us grow the most missional church in Alaska. We are looking for affinity and alignment with our GraceWorks mission. With our Summer GraceWorks presence in many park and mobile home locations all over the city, our greater vision may ultimately be a mother campus and many satellite campuses.  

At least for the near future, the church staff will be part of the GraceWorks Alaska Team – directed by Dr Scott Kirby.  Originally founded by Dr Kirby as a 501(3)c in 1991 as Global Partnership Ministries, Inc,  we DBA as GraceWorks here in Alaska.  GraceWorks hosts about a thousand mission volunteers each year in Alaska serving mostly disadvanged kids in local city parks and mobile home parks.  All ministries and staff come under the leadership of the GraceWorks/Global Partnership Ministries Board.  All board members have been active volunteer staff with Graceworks.

Responsibilities.  Responsibilities would include overseeing the setting up of new media and sound systems, building and leading the church worship team(s), and managing worship for GraceWorks Summer chapels.  Music style should be appropriate to reaching younger generation.  We especially want to see Christ-focused, mission focused, energetic and joyful music. 

Education.  Formal education is a blessing but not required.  We are more interested in people skills, work ethic, music & worship competency, and passion for Jesus than in degrees.

Doctrine. The applicant needs to line up with the GraceWorks/Global Partnership Ministries doctrinal statement found on our webpage at   Must have a serious heart for evangelism and missions – which is the DNA of GraceWorks. 

Salary is based upon experience, education, and giftedness.

Personal Life.  The applicant needs to know Jesus and walk with Jesus. Understanding that we have all experienced amazing grace and forgiveness in our past, there should not be things in your present life that could bring dishonor both to Christ, the church and the mission.   This position is open to male and female.  

Other staff needs.  We are also looking for a church lead pastor and an Assistant Director of GraceWorks. In the near future, we hope to expand the staff with a minister to the military, a community missions catalyst, a student pastor, and a director of children’s ministry.  

Process and Contact.  The GraceWorks/Global Partnership Ministries Board has tasked Scott Kirby as the initial contact.  Give him a call at 907-440-4974 (Alaska time) or email  He will send you an application.  If we move forward with your application, there may be other phone/Zoom interviews with Board members. The GraceWorks Board functions as a personnel/search team.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this opportunity. 

​                                             Calvary GraceWorks Church Worship Pastor